Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Our leak detection service provides a quick and non-destructive solution to finding hidden water leaks, in contrast to traditional methods on a large-scale excavation. We utilise specially designed equipment combined with technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

We use the latest proven techniques such as Ground Microphones, Digital Leak Noise Correlate, Gas Injection Tracer and Thermal Imaging Cameras to identify the location of leaks. A highly trained engineer will use one or combined equipment with specialised techniques to investigate the cause of the leak and identify possible sources. Using this equipment makes it possible in the majority of cases to locate the leak to within a very small area.

This location will be clearly identified so that the leak can be excavated and repaired, with minimal cost and disruption. Click here for further details hightechwaterservices.com/water-leak-repair

The appropriate testing and inspection process is specifically chosen to suit each particular case to find hidden leaks.

These methods include:

Xmic Ground Microphone

Xmic is an advanced yet easily used Ground Microphone System. The latest acoustic and amplification technology provides excellent sound quality, whilst a range of features helps effective and accurate pinpointing on site.

Digital Leak Noise Correlate

The DigiCALL+ brings even further benefits through use of a smaller, lighter base station and computer at any point within the range of the Bluetooth – no need to carry both systems together. Bluetooth connection. It’s more portable and easier to use. No cable connections mean that the operator can use the equipment more efficiently.

Gas Tracer

In some instances according to site and ground conditions we have to inject gas (95% nitrogen 5% hydrogen) into the main, upon completion a sensitive gas detector is then passed over the leaking water main and as the gas escapes from the water leak area the detector registers the leaking gas, we then mark down the leak area for our repair team.

Thermal Imaging Survey

Thermal imaging survey – using a military application thermal imaging camera we will survey the solid floor under floor heating. Our camera will identify differences in temperature between the concrete and the heating pipes contained within the floor. In your situation we will use the camera to trace out the pipes so we can then follow the routes for the tracer gas.
At the end of the survey, we will produce a very detailed report if required, including all thermal images, details of the survey, and our recommendations to repair.