Specialist services

Speciality Services

Leak Detection
Hightech Water Services can offer speciality services for your pool to identify leaks and loss of water.

Many pools have buried cast iron pipe work which corrodes or breaks over time, our leak detection service provides a quick and non-destructive solution to finding hidden water leaks, in contrast to traditional methods on a large-scale excavation. We utilize specially designed equipment combined with technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

We use the latest proven techniques such as Ground Microphones, Digital Leak Noise Correlate, Gas Injection Tracer and Thermal Imaging Cameras to identify the location of leaks. A highly trained engineer will use one or combined equipment with specialized techniques to investigate the cause of the leak and identify possible sources. Using this equipment makes it possible in the majority of cases to locate the leak to within a very small area

Gas Tracer
In some instances according to site and ground conditions we have to inject gas (95% nitrogen 5% hydrogen) into the main, upon completion a sensitive gas detector is then passed over the leaking water main and as the gas escapes from the water leak area the detector registers the leaking gas, we then mark down the leak area for our repair team.

Pipe Relining
When a pipe becomes broken or misaligned the simplest way to reinstate structural integrity is to reline the cast or PVC/ABS pipe work.

Polyester resin based felt liners are commonly used within pipe diameters up to 600mm. The liner is placed in the host pipe impregnated with resin. An air inversion chamber is then used to inflate the liner hose into position; it’s then left to cure. This system is suitable to most sewer refurbishment situations with wall thickness from 2mm to 9mm for structural applications.

In the event of defective host pipe deviates, then an epoxy flexi line is more suited to the job. The use of a woven polypropylene sock slightly elasticated is impregnated with epoxy resin is blown in by air down the pipe under approximately one bar of pressure.

The liner traverses around bends following the precise contours of the host pipe. Once in position the resin sets bonding the liner to the pipe walls. Fractures and open joints are sealed increasing pipe strength and eliminating the chances of smells from leaving cracked pipes and stopping water egress into the surrounding ground.

In any lining application the cross section of the repaired pipe will be reduced. However, what is lost in diameter is gained in flow rate, as all joints, gaps and cracks are eliminated and the new liner has become one continuous length of drain, thus increasing flow by up to fifteen per cent. Applications of each type of installation can sometimes be restricted, and normally a free of charge site meeting will be required.

Diving Services
Our in house diving team have many year’s experience in commercial diving industry and offer diving services for your pool including:

  • Pressure testing pool pipe work
  • Dye testing
  • Underwater surveys
  • Tile and grout repairs
  • Replacement grilles and anti-vortex grilles
  • Blanking off pool outlets
  • Balance tank work

Chemical bund re lining
Chemical dosing bunds can vary in size and manufacture and over time can deteorate and leak due to chemical attacking the lining of the bund.

Our project team can offer the complete re lining services for chemical bund which are leaking or damaged.

Our engineers can carry out repairs and re lining using Glass Reinforced plastic linings to Bunds.

We can apply our Lining systems to all sorts of bunds our team of specialists will offer you an excellent service and guarantee your Bund to contain should there be an emergency Spillage.

Balance Tank Work
Balance tanks should be drained down and inspected regularly Hightech Water Services engineers are qualified to work in confined spaces and can carry out balance tank cleaning and repairs.

The balance tanks can be fully inspected once drained down we provide repairs and re lining of the balance tank walls and concrete repairs.

If a balance tank cannot be isolated due to a valve or float passing the pool water can isolated with our diving team which will allow the tank to be cleaned or valves and float arms to be repaired or replaced.

Deck Channel Re lining
Our engineers can carry out the re lining of the deck channels, our services include concrete repairs, re lining with GRP or chlorinated rubber paint systems.

The work can be completed out of hours to prevent pool closures and loss of revenue.

Pool Re Lining
Hightech water services offer a wide range of products for re lining your swimming pool for both indoor and outdoor pools and water pads and our services include GRP liners, grouting and tiling work and rubber matt repairs.

We also carry out concrete repairs and re painting your pool which can be applied in a number of ways either by spray lining or hand applied using specialist pool products such as rubber chlorinated paint or our 3 pack epoxy paint system.

Acid Washing
A pools tiles can often look stained and dirty over time and we can offer chemical cleaning services to include draining down a pool and carrying out acid washing the pool surface to clean and remove body fats, stains and debris from the pool surface.