Our roof leak detection service include the use of Trace Gas Injection & Sensing, Thermography and Electronic Vector Mapping.

The above methods are used separately or combined to locate a leak on any type of roof construction. This will systematically eliminate the possible causes of a roof leak until the source is identified.

Roof leaks can be caused by numerous and varied defects. A roof leak can result in damage to finishes within a building and also lead to premature deterioration of the building fabric. Persistent roof leaks can lead to areas within a building becoming unusable.

A leaking roof, if left unchecked, can therefore lead to expensive and disruptive consequences.

Once the roof leak has been identified, a leaking roof can be repaired.

We will provide a detailed interpretative report that indicate the source(s) of the roof leak, or roof leaks, the potential remedial solutions and budget costs if required.

We can also arrange and supervise the remedial works required to address the roof leaks.

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